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The Tea Room has a reputation for its warm atmosphere, great music, and friendly staff. If you would like to join a fun team of individuals passionate about tea, coffee, sustainability, or all three, think about joining the (tea)m! Management Applications are due Tuesday, March 5th at midnight. More information about Barista hiring will be posted on our social media.

Managers                           Supervisors                              Baristas 
4                                            ~10                                          ~46

When do applications open?

Usually early-March. Applications open on EngSoc hiring page!

Do I have to be an Engineering student to apply?

Nope! You just need to be a student!

How does the interview process work?

              There are two rounds: a video interview and an individual interview. 

I'm away on exchange, but I still want to apply! What do I do?

Exchange is not a barrier to the hiring process! We can conduct interviews over for exchange applicants.

I will be going on exchange for a semester next year, but I still want to apply! What do I do?

Ideally, all staff would be available for the full year. However, a good staff is a good

staff, regardless of their other time commitments. We encourage you to apply.

I've never worked a service position before. Should I still apply?

Yes! Tea Room barista is a no experience necessary position. 

I applied last year and didn't get the job. Should I still apply?

Yes! Everyone gets nervous and has better days than others.

Plus, it's a new set of Managers, so they'll never know!

What are you looking for?

There is no set list of requirements. We like a good balance!

Hiring FAQ

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