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Our Pillars

The Tea Room provides an accessible platform for every-day environmental activism. We are proudly carbon neutral and zero consumer waste. With an understanding of ecological issues, we are continuously evaluating our practices to improve. Environmental stewardship calls upon the community to share the responsibility of protecting and sustaining our shared environment.

Looking to get involved? Check out our events calendar for upcoming TR environmental initiatives!


The Tea Room works to bring environmental issues to light and make the discussion of sustainability accessible to all. Our customer experience does not end with the pick-up of a chicken pesto on the way to class. Our team has learned about sustainable business over the past 10 years of operations. We strive to be transparent about our practices and support other groups along their sustainable journeys.

Want to learn more? Visit our blog page on this website or contact us to find out how you or your committee can get involved!


The Tea Room will set a national standard for an environmentally and fiscally sustainable business. By pioneering a business model which proves that these traditionally diverse motivations need not be isolated, the Tea Room can inspire the university community with a thirst for questioning existing practices and demanding change.

Interested in our business models?Check out the Environmental Education Library in the Tea Room for books on sustainable business

Mission Statement

“Tea Room will provide the opportunity for consumers to enjoy reasonably priced and high quality products in a welcoming atmosphere while operating within an environmentally and fiscally sustainable business model. The customer experience will be enriched with fundamental guidelines to social and environmental improvement and an inviting community inspired by Tea Room personnel.”

Vision Statement

“To foster waste-free and operationally sustainable business practices by encouraging social responsibility and blending environmental innovation with long-term financial success.”

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